Practice Science Tests

Texas 5th Grade Test

TIMSS 3rd/4th Grade Test
Choose Science 3 or Science 5

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Check out our baby caterpillars!



What's it Like Where You Live?
Descriptions & pictures of 10 different biomes.

Mission: Biome
Information from NASA

Biomes of the World
More descriptions & pictures

Food Chains / Webs

Animals Quiz

*Food Chains & Webs


*Oceans Alive - Clownfish & Sea Anemone

*The Tropical Rain Forest

Build a food web

Food chain movie

Chain Reaction Game

Food Web Game

Food Web Storybook

Food Chains Activity

Food Chain Game

Producers /Consumers / Decomposers Game

Herbivore / Carnivore / Omnivore Game

Animal Classification Game

Food Chain Quiz

Science Games

Living Things


Physical Processes


Planet Size Comparison

The Three States of Matter

Interactive Game

Solids, Liquids & Gases - Interactive

Information on solids, liquids & gases

States of matter activity

Learn about states of matter

States of matter movie

Social Studies


The United States

* This is Our World

Seven Continents Game

How many states are in the United States?

Which two of our states are not in the continental United States (do not touch North America)?
Find the answers, plus a lot more here!

Name That State!
Game - how many states can you name?

Place the State
Can you drop each state in the correct place?

Where is That?
Identify states in this Funbrain game.


Read about the three branches of governme


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